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**Data Recovery Services**: Preserving Your Valuable Data In today's digital landscape, data holds immense value, whether for individual users or businesses. Nevertheless, unforeseen data loss can happen for a multitude of reasons, ranging from hardware malfunctions and accidental deletions to malicious cyberattacks. Our data recovery services serve as a lifeline in times of data loss. Utilizing advanced methods and cutting-edge tools, our specialists are skilled at recovering lost data from damaged or compromised storage devices. Whether it's critical business documents, cherished family photos, or crucial project files, our data recovery services stand as your reliable ally in the recovery and safeguarding of your most precious digital assets.

East Elmhurst Long Island Damaged/Broken Data Recovery Specialists providing


Networks offers a Long Island data recovery service that specializes in broken, dropped, smashed and damaged media .

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East Elmhurst Broken, Dropped, Smashed, etc.. We've seen it all!

East Elmhurst How Does Long Island Damaged/Broken Data Recovery Work?

We use a combination of both software and hardware to recover your important Damaged/Broken data files. We have Long Island Damaged/Broken​ data recovery solutions with specific machines we’ve designed and built to handle more problematic situations where the physical hardware has not yet failed completely but needs to be worked on very carefully to avoid problem areas with the device. In such cases where the equipment has failed completely, we have a whiteroom where our data recovery engineers can open your equipment, analyze the damaged media, replace parts (if needed) to get the device communicating properly so we can recover your data. We have a high success rate for recovering your important data. In some cases we can even reconstruct damaged database files and various other types of files.

Steps to Recovering Your Data

East Elmhurst Stop using the hard drive imediately
East Elmhurst Do not open the hard drive, reformat or defrag the drive.
East Elmhurst Contact Networks for Long Island Data Recovery

East Elmhurst The Damaged/Broken Data Recovery Process

Long Island Damaged/Broken Data Recovery is a process of retrieving inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from the equipment when the data is not accessible in a normal way. Our process goes beyond the basic or free software you can download online. Our Long Island Damaged/Broken data recovery specialists can extract your data from damaged media including fire and water damaged equipment.

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First, we take a look at your equipment to determine what’s going on with your equipment and determine if the Long Island Windows data recovery is mechanical or not. If there is a mechanical problem with your equipment, our data recovery specialists will stop and inform you before continuing with the recovery process.


The second stage during recovery is to properly identify the file(s) you are looking to retrieve from your damaged equipment. If your media has suffered physical damage, parts may need to be ordered and depending on the damage, the evaluation process may take longer than usual.


After we have been able to properly identify the file(s) you are looking for, next stage of the recovery is extracting the data from your damaged equipment. During the data extraction, we verify the file integrity to minimize corruption of your data.

Good News! Once we have safely transferred your recovered data to new equipment, we will notify you that your data is ready for pick-up, delivery, electronically, or shipment.

Losing your Windows data can be frustrating!

Based on your individual needs, we offer different service levels to meet our customer’s needs and expectations.

East Elmhurst Long Island Windows Standard Data Recovery Level 1
East Elmhurst Long Island Windows Priority Data Recovery Level 2
East Elmhurst Long Island Windows Emergency Data Recovery Level 3

East Elmhurst STANDARD

East Elmhurst PRIORITY​

East Elmhurst EMERGENCY​

7-10 Business Days*

3-7 Business Days*


24-48 Hours*


* Represents the average time to diagnose, evaluate, extract, and return your data. The actual time for recovery varies per client and cannot always be guaranteed. In some cases when parts need to be ordered, larger (1TB+) drives may increase the average time for recovery.