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Data Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

How much does data recovery cost?

Each data recovery situation is unique and there are different fees based on different types of media including: CD/DVD’s, Hard Drives, Digital Memory Cards, USB Devices, Servers, NAS Devices, and many more. There are also different fees for different levels of service from standard service to priority service and even emergency service. Please contact a data recovery specialist for more information at 516-889-0777.

What is the difference between standard, priority and emergency service?

Standard service is based on the a ticketing system. If your ticket number is #10 and we are working on ticket # 6 then there would be four recoveries ahead of you. If you choose priority service, this jumps you ahead of the line. Emergency service is simple, we start immediately and assign a dedicated specialist that works on your recovery 24/7 until finished, nights and weekends included. We take emergency recoveries extremely serious.

Do you have a clean room?

We have a partnership with a class-100 clean room at an offsite facility where we work on drive internals. Sometimes it’s necessary to work on the internals of a drive chassis in order to recover data. This type of work should only be done in a dust free environment. Sometimes when drives need to go to the clean room, a surcharge may be necessary. This surcharge is due to the extra time, labor, and replacement parts.

If you the recovery efforts in the cleanroom fail, will I be able to go to another service for an attempt?

Of course, although in most cases where we notice physical damage to the platters, we’ll probably suggest you do not.

How long will it take to get my data back?

Depending on the size of your hard drive or equipment, the average service time on a standard data recovery service, can take up to 5 business days. If the drive needs to go to our clean room or parts are need to be ordered, the recovery time can take up to 7 business days after the initial evaluation. Please note, that these time frames are estimations, we do not guarantee service will be complete in 7 business days. Due to problems that your hard drive may have, it may take longer. However when you drop your drive off, we do not keep you in the dark. We inform you about every step of the way, when we know.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, certified check, wire transfer, money order, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover. Please call with any other types of payment. Checks must be cleared before data is released.

What do I need to bring into your facility?

We need the device in question. Sometimes we need the entire server or computer. Please call us, that way we can get a full description of the problem, and tailor the job to you. Every job is different.

Do you do software recovery's only?

No. We have professional imaging machines that are designed to go forward and backward through the hard drive and work around bad sectors in the drives to recover as much information as possible. Note: the more bad sectors the longer the recovery process may take. We also offer a class 100 whiteroom where we can open the Hard Drive and work on the internals of the drive and if needed replace parts to recover the data.

Should I try and tap on my hard drive to get it spinning again?

No. If a failing hard drive get tapped, this can cause more damage.

Should I Try The Infamous Freezer Trick?

Yes and No. There has been articles showing it works. However it doesn’t work with a majority of issues and the trick only works for specialized specific issues. It’s like replacing a spark plug when you need a new alternator. It is also dangerous due to condensation buildup, this may ruin your hard drive making recovery impossible. If the hard drive data means that much to you that you cannot lose it, take it to a professional Long Island data recovery company and do not endanger the hard drive more then it already is. Please call us (516)889-0777 and explain your failed data recovery situation.

How will I get my information back?

Due to the size of your media, we can only give you options, and let you choose. We can recover information on CD’s, DVD’s, Hard Drives, Flash Drives or SD Cards. We do not recommend you buy anything, until we inform you that the data can come off. We offer many methods to return your data including external hard drives, usb drives and FTP file transfer over the internet.

I live on or near Long Island, New York, can I drop off my hard drive?

Yes, you can drop the hard drive off at our Long Island Office during normal business hours, located at 51 Alabama Avenue, Island PArk, NY 11558, after completing our Online Data Recovery Form.

I lost my restore CDs/DVDs that came with my computer, can you back up my Applications (Programs)?

Unfortunately, we can’t. When a Computer Application (program) is installed onto a computer, files get saved to multiple directories in more than 50 locations on the hard drive. It would be easier for us, just to re-install the Computer Application (program), than to backup it up. If you need help getting replacement restore CDs/DVDs or a Computer Application (program) Disc/Disk, please contact us 516-889-0777 and we will assist you, in getting replacement Restore Discs.

Can I attempt In Opening The Device?

No. There are no serviceable parts inside. By opening the device, data loss may occur.

What happens If I’ve Already Opened The Device?

Don’t worry, we can still recover some data in this case, if not all of it!